Our industry-led software solution – MiLi – is changing the way our customers view, manage and maintain the entire supply chain.

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Refreshing solutions to complex problems

MiLi was developed to help solve our clients’ MRO Supply Chain problems in a refreshing way. By focusing on the data that enables ERP systems to operate as they were designed – proactively, not reactively  – MiLi helps our clients to create, maintain, and consume the core data that drives their supply chain.

Highly customizable

MiLi will enable you to use more of your ERP functionality by linking and connecting information that you already have.

Reduce risk and cost

MiLi drives risk and cost reductions, while automating and optimizing the processes within your ERP environment.

Supply chain optimization

Just because you own a car does not mean you know how to drive it. Like a car, businesses need fuel and regular servicing. This is where MiLi comes in - we make driving, servicing, and fueling your Indirect Materials Supply Chain vehicle easier, and more efficient.

Key features of MiLi

  • Advanced Material Search
  • Material Creation & Enrichment
  • Material Extension
  • ROP & ROQ Calculator
  • Criticality Calculator
  • Reporting – Supply Chain Effectivenesses
  • BOM (Bill of Material) Monitor
  • Free-Text Monitor
  • Duplicates Monitor
  • Lead Time Calculator
  • HERS Record
  • Bulk Enrichment
  • Flag for Deletion