Capability Uplift

Supply chains are fluid creatures and need to be this way to excel in the modern age. Are your processes and staff  flexible enough to adapt to the constantly changing environment that supply chains operate?

What we offer

Our Capability Uplift Program was designed to offer businesses bursts of enablement to encourage quicker wins, and tangible results without embarking on a large-scale project. It enables you to do more with what you already have.

At Lexin Solutions, we believe your people are your greatest asset. By investing in them, we can achieve things that technology alone will never accomplish. Let us help you uplift your people so you can exceed your capabilities.

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Focus Areas

1. Material Master Data Governance

Fundamental to all Supply Chains, we help you develop and implement data governance and quality across your material master data.

2. Inventory Management

Working capital tied up in inventory is both a blessing (risk reduction) and curse (cost impacts). We will help you find the right balance.

3. Warehouse Operations

Physically managing inventory presents an entirely new set of challenges that we will help you overcome.

4. Procurement and Purchasing

Efficiently manage the supply of materials to effectively meet the needs of your business and help improve the performance of the resources available.

The team at Lexin Solutions can help.

We work to link the capability of your team to the existing processes to help reduce both risk and cost to the business.

Send us a list of your concerns to discuss, and see how we can provide the support most businesses need, but just never ask.