Supply Chain Review

What we offer

Our review service covers all core areas within the supply chain to establish a clear understanding of current strengths and weaknesses.

A supply chain is intimately linked at many points. A single underperforming supplier can have a dramatic impact on the ability of a business to manage work. Our view is that while everything can be improved, not everything should – so we focus on the parts that matter!

Lexin Solutions offers decades of experience in the MRO materials management world which enables us to provide you with a comprehensive report that details the opportunities for improvement and cost reduction. We are yet to complete a review that has not identified less than 1000% return on this investment. Managing MRO materials is not easy by any stretch, but Lexin Solutions has the experience and knowledge to make it easier.

Focus Areas

1. Two-to-Four-week Deep Dive

Timeframe depends on the scope and complexity of review with a clear focus on overall MRO Supply Chain effectiveness.

2. Demand Generation Review

The demand signal that is generated by the business is the trigger that sets the Indirect Material Supply Chain into motion.

3. Inventory & Warehouse Operations

The sole purpose of MRO inventory is to reduce risk at the lowest possible cost. We will assess your current maturity, benchmarked against your industry peers.

4. Supply Review

Reviewing the effectiveness of the supply of materials into the business is often a source of significant opportunity to reduce cost and increase efficiencies.